CDA was established on the 16 th day of August 2005 with the aim of providing social, economic, cultural, educational and charitable services to the rural public. The organization persistently seeks innovative programmes to improve the quality of life of the deserving rural people. With steady steps, we are about to cross the milestone of sixth year of incorporation on 16 th August 2010.

Six years is relatively a short period in the history of an organisation. But for those who have watched a fledgling organization unfurl its wings and take to the limitless expanse, five years is an interminable stretch of time. Though a teenager yet, CDA today stands as one among the prominent Non - Governmental Organizations (NGO) in the State of Kerala. As I look back on days past, I feel that our organization had accomplished a lot. We were able to maintain the consistency in progress both in terms of our organization's internal growth as well as the developmental output we have been providing to the society.
T.M. Jose Thayyil

Our efforts have been to provide need based developmental programmes to the rural society. We have successfully implemented several schemes and projects under the support of different agencies and departments of the Government. All the nine wings of our organization, namely the Vocational Training Institute, IGNOU Study Centre, CDA SaswrayaSangham, CDA MahilaSangham, Community Health Insurance Wing, Youth Wing, Children's Wing, CDA Micro Finance and the Natural Resources Management Division are at work to raise the quality of services being provided.

The winds of change ruling all realms of activities around us, the CDA fraternity is also becoming increasingly accelerative. As a voluntary organization, we have a significant role to play among the public. Our organization is looking forward to brace up additional strengths in respect to its infrastructure, resources and implementation of viable and beneficial projects to the rural public. We envision the development and expansion of CDA into a dynamic and vibrant system to embrace all the needy and deserving sections in the society.
I avail this opportunity to thank all our well wishers, benefactors and beneficiaries for their fulsome response to our activities. We also look forward to the productive support from all quarters in enriching and enhancing the content and crux of all our activities.